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A Surprising Secret Santa Christmas Gift Guide

Michael Scott

It’s less than a month till Christmas which means that offices across the globe are getting ready to close down for the holiday period. But wait! Did you forget about the compulsory Office Christmas Party where Sarah from Accounting drinks too much and Larry from Sales ends up crying in the bathroom stalls? It also means that you’ll need to get one of your colleagues a Secret Santa gift that isn’t too expensive and isn’t too personal – preferably sustainably sourced as well. No worries, that’s what we’re here to help with, so without further ado… the Bees Brilliance Secret Santa Gift Guide!

1. Gift Certificates – The Gift Nobody Returns

Especially good for colleagues you don’t know well, the gift card is an ideal present that doesn’t necessarily WOW at the Christmas Office Do but is a big step up from the usual $2 Shop candles that all women have been gifted at some point in their lives *sigh*. But go even further and make it an experience gift card! Gifting someone with kids a trip to the nearest wildlife reserve or even some movie tickets to get out and about, is sure to go down a treat and not break the bank either.

2. Feed The Bees

We’re clearly big fans of bees and why not spread the bee love this Christmas? These Bee Houses from Mr Fothergills range from $23-27.50 and not only does it look great but it gives bees much-needed shelter and seeds to pollinate.

3. Self-Love Gift + Wrapping Included

We offer quite a few gifts that are ideal for Secret Santa gifts but our Happy Holidays Christmas Cracker with Hand Cream is particularly great when you’re in a rush. I like to purchase a few with some bottles of wine and leave them underneath the Christmas tree, just in case someone gives me a gift I wasn’t expecting. Perfect for Secret Santas and you can even add in our Lip Balm to complete the treat.

4. Frank Who?

If you always see your colleague buying new water bottles or coffee cups, then do them (and the planet) a big favour and get them a reusable one! Our favourites are Frank Green Gift Sets, which are a little pricey but you can purchase cups separately too. They look amazing, are easy to drink from and won’t leak in your bag. What more could you ask for?

5. Homemade Treats

If you’re looking for a Christmas present that shows you care but doesn’t add to your bills then what about baking some Christmas biscuits? It doesn’t have to take a long time and if you purchase a reusable tin and some ribbon from the craft store, it’ll look wonderful too. There are plenty of recipes online but I recommend these Vegan Gingerbread Cookies – super easy to decorate as well.

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