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Why You should Be A Plant Lady…

Why You should Be A Plant Lady…

We’d like to plant a little idea… should I or should I not be a plant lady?

As you’d imagine, we’re pretty keen on plants. Our bees love ’em – and whatever’s good enough for some of the hardest-working girls on the planet is good enough for us.

And that got us thinking. Our bees are natural plant ladies… so maybe we should be, too!

We did a little digging (pun absolutely intended) and we came up with a rich harvest of knowledge about the benefits to your health of getting out and mixing with the leafy denizens of the plant kingdom. Trust us, it’s a lot more fun than being shouted at in a spin class.

People have known for centuries that growing plants in the garden – or even in a glass house – brings enormous benefits for your mood and spirits. After all, unlike most human beings they always look good, they’re usually low maintenance and they never answer back.

But you don’t need to have green fingers to be a proper plant lady. Just going to the park to touch and smell the plants can make you feel more alive.

Plants can help to focus the working plant lady’s mind, too. If your office is looking a bit bare, get your boss to turn it into a green oasis.

You can start small with a few pots here and there and work your way up to shrubs in planters (believe it or not, there are companies that hire plants like that out). As well as having a more colourful and vibrant working environment, research suggests that your productivity could increase by 15%. That’s not to be sniffed at – and it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a management consultant in a shiny suit.

Worried about global warming? You can breathe more easily. As every plant lady knows (well, every plant lady biologist), plants naturally absorb CO2 from the air and release oxygen in its place. Having plants around can really improve the oxygen levels in your home or workspace. Outside, they do the same for our planet – so next time you see a tree, hug it.

We guess that what we’re saying is that if you really want to bloom as a plant lady, ditch those nasty chemical diffusers and wheel in the plants.

If you need even more persuasion, you can combine this with another form of therapy – the retail variety. Stroll to your local garden centre, fill your cart with gorgeous new plants for your home and then reward yourself with a well-earned smoothie.

Admit it. The idea of becoming a plant lady’s really growing on you…

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