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Why We Really Need To Save The Bees Now!


New Zealand Bee Awareness Month is coming up soon (September) and we wanted to tell you our favourite things about the humble (but vital) honey bee. Need another reason to plant more ‘bee-friendly’ flowers this Spring look no further!

1. We NEED Bees

Yep, we need bees. We may take them for granted – but they are vital worldwide for stable, healthy food supplies. They are an integral and irreplaceable part of the human (and other animals’) food-chain –  without bees pollinating their little behinds off, most of our fruits and vegetables would be no more.

2. There are 20,000 known Bee Species (whoa!)

Most Honeybees are kept by beekeepers in colonies of managed hives (like ours in Nelson, New Zealand). The rest of our bees are wild, including 25 bumblebee species and more than 220 types of solitary bee. That’s a lot of insects who are specialising in their little parts of the world, pollinating specific plants and trees so that the flora and fauna can breed (bees are the real reason love makes the world go round!).

3. Wearing Cotton?

See that t-shirt you’re wearing? It’s probably made of cotton – bees pollinated those cotton plant crops that your threads came from. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 90% of the leading global crop types are visited by bees and we’ve tried to figure out how to do it ourselves but those bees beat us in efficacy every single time!

4. You need those Vitamins

“Loss of pollinators could lead to lower availability of crops and wild plants that provide essential micro-nutrients for human diets, impacting health and nutritional security and risking increased numbers of people suffering from vitamin A, iron and folate deficiency.”

Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production – The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

5. Say Goodbye to your Favourite Bees Brilliance Skincare

All of our products make use of our locally cared-for honey bee colonies in Nelson, New Zealand. We respect and love bees for all of the incredible work they do and want to help spread the honey bee love. September is our favourite month of the year!

How Can You Help The Bees?

The loss of particular specialist habitats (with just the right pollen) is the main driver of bee decline.

Maintaining and propagating flora that our bees really love helps support healthy pollinator populations. Planting wildflowers in your garden, at the office or school, are easy. Plus they’re particularly effective ways of helping keep our honey bees happy, healthy and doing the wonderful job we all take for granted.

What are you waiting for? Our bees need your help now! Here are a few cool bee seed kits 🙂

Bee Bomb – Not Just Socks

Wild Flower Forage – Seed Rescue

You can also find them at most garden centres.

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