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The Ultimate Winter Bath Experience

The Ultimate Winter Bath Experience

Step 1: Prepare:

When the days are a colder and shorter, there’s no better way to warm up than lounging in a super steamy bathtub.

Set time aside with no interruptions and put out the – “DO NOT DISTURB SIGN”

Select some organic candles to infuse the room with scent and atmosphere like

Get your very thickest towel and comfiest PJs ready so you’ll stay warm and dry when you get out.

Step 2:  Why Not Treat Your Hair Too!

Take advantage of the bath’s steam heat! Comb a hair mask through your locks and cover with a shower cap. Remember to rinse this out in the shower later.

Step 3: Prepare The Water

Milk it. If your arms or legs look dry and scaly add Milk, Honey and Oats to the water.

“Cleopatra used to bathe in milk because of the lactic acid, “It’s an incredibly effective moisturiser, and it also works as a powerful exfoliant. Or add some Epsom salts to balance your skin’s pH levels and to draw out toxins.  Adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils will enhance the aroma therapeutic experience.

Step 4: Treat Your Face

Apply a dollop of Bees Brilliance pure liquid gold active Manuka Honey Mask that instantly coats the skin for the ultimate moisture boost and intense nourishment. The sweet notes of French Vanilla and whipped Caramel will fill the bathroom with a luxurious aroma.

Step 5: Relax

Now jump in! Take your favourite book or magazine, if you want to catch up on reading. Set some music, if you just want to chill or listen to an inspiring podcast.

Step 6: Scrub Up And Dry Off

Once your skin has been softened by the water, slough off any excess cells with a sponge or washcloth. Take a quick shower to rinse out the conditioner and wash off with a Bees Brilliance Manuka Honey & Vanilla soap.

Step 7: Nurture Your Skin And Treat Your Feet

Now that your pores are still open, it’s the perfect time to slather on a quality body oil or cream to seal in the moisture from your bath.

Apply a thick buttery moisturiser while feet are still damp then wear socks overnight.


“If you do that religiously for a month, the changes will be magical.”

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