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Say No To Dry Skin This Winter

Say no to dry skin when you get your gloves off this Winter!

dry skin

They’ll crack like there’s no tomorrow… Instead of resembling a blemish-free field of virgin snow, they’ll look like a tough day hiking on the Franz Josef Glacier. BB to the rescue – goodbye dry skin!

And what’s more, just for the month of June we are giving away a free Bees Brilliance 30g hand cream with any purchase of Bees Brilliance products over $35.00

So this winter, make sure that along with your hot toddy, your trusty Manuka Blossom Hand Cream is your new best friend.  She’ll keep you going until you get home to the roaring log fire.

After all, as our Queen Bee always says at this time of year…

We are little snow bees
Short and fat
With our scarves and with our hats.
When the snow starts falling, hear us shout…
“Get yer trusty BB Hand Cream out!

Take good care of yourself this winter…with Bees Brilliance!

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