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The Scientifically Supported Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a unique and specific honey, native to New Zealand. It comes from the bees that collect pollen from the manuka flower and has been scientifically proven to have antibacterial properties. On top of that, manuka honey has antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Traditionally it has been used to treat wounds. We use it in most of our skincare products, because of it’s natural ability to help draw moisture into the skin. Not to mention it’s packed full of handy vitamins and amino acids which are fantastic for the skin.

Here are 7 science-based health benefits of manuka honey.

1. Aids Wound Healing

Applied topically, manuka honey effectively treats burns, ulcers and non-healing wounds. It has also been shown to combat antibiotic-resistant strains of infections, such as MRSA.

2. Promotes Oral Health

Research shows manuka honey inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria that can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. Unlike refined sugar, it has not been shown to cause tooth decay.

3. Soothes a Sore Throat

Manuka honey can help treat sore throats. Research shows it attacks bacteria that causes soreness. Especially in patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

4. Helps Prevent Gastric Ulcers

The research is mixed, but manuka honey’s potent antibacterial effects may help treat gastric ulcers caused by H. pylori. It may also prevent alcohol-induced gastric ulcers.

5. Improves Digestive Symptoms

Manuka honey may decrease inflammation in individuals with IBS. It may also be effective at attacking unhelpful gut bacteria.

6. May Treat Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis

Manuka honey has been shown to attack harmful bacteria that cause upper respiratory infections in individuals with cystic fibrosis. Further studies are needed though.

7. Treats Acne

Manuka honey’s ability to treat acne appear favourable given its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

And here are some of our favourite products that use manuka honey as it’s key ingredient;

Manuka Honey Exfoliating Cleanser

Manuka Honey Exfoliating Cleanser

An ultra-gentle natural micro-fine exfoliating treatment. Delicately helps polish away dry skin and smooth skin texture. Suitable for all skin types.
Original Manuka Honey Mask

Original Manuka Honey Mask

A pot of pure liquid gold, this is a one-of-a-kind Manuka Honey mask. The perfect treatment for a quick skin-loving moisture boost. Excellent choice for dry and sensitive skin types.
Manuka Honey, Fig & Walnut Soap

Manuka Honey, Fig & Walnut Soap

A vegetable-based New Zealand soap enriched with Manuka Honey, and exfoliating Walnut shell. Enjoy the sweet notes of honey and fig.
Manuka Honey & Vanilla Soap

Manuka Honey & Vanilla Soap

A vegetable-based New Zealand soap enriched with Manuka Honey, and Vanilla Bean. Enjoy the luxurious notes of French vanilla and sweet caramel.
Manuka Honey Foaming Facial Cleanser

Manuka Honey Foaming Facial Cleanser

A gentle gel cleanser for normal to oily skin types. It instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup.
Manuka Blossom Hand Cream

Manuka Blossom Hand Cream

An on-the-go hand cream made with New Zealand Manuka Honey. Specifically formulated to quickly absorb and protect against dryness.
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