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The ‘No-Breakout’ Routine That Really Hits the Spot!

The ‘No-Breakout’ Routine That Really Hits the Spot!

Hands up everyone who’s NEVER gone to bed with their make-up still on?!!

OK BB Hunnies– let’s face the facts…

Going to bed in our make-up after a big night out (or even a long day) rather than following a proper no-breakout routine is something nearly all of us have done. In spite of our mothers saying: “If you leave that stuff on, you’ll break out in spots”. And you know your mother – she’s always right.

Trouble is that when you’re all partied out, if you’re given a choice between going through your no-breakout routine and climbing Mount Taranaki in a diving suit, you’ll reach for the boots and helmet (though if you reach for the boots and helmet at bedtime as a matter of course, that’s between you and your conscience).

But what if there was another way to get the benefits of a no-breakout routine after you’ve had a good night’s sleep?

Well…what do you know? There is!

Mrs C, our co-founder, has developed her own morning no-breakout routine that’s really easy to follow. So here goes…

It starts with your favourite Bees Brilliance Foaming Cleanser. Take it into the shower and let those gorgeous citrus notes arouse those ‘wake me up’ senses!

While you’re sipping your morning latte, treat your skin to a super food breakfast fix with the Bee Brilliance Honey Mask followed by the favourite Instant Firming shot moisturiser for that fresh daily glow.   And Mrs C’s also ready to let you into a little secret. She just loves Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free for its gorgeous sun kissed glow. You can find out more at

As the sun goes down you’ll be needing  a simple, doable no-breakout routine that doesn’t give you a mountain to climb. Of course, if you’ve got any energy left in the evening, you shouldn’t deny yourself our legendary Double Cleanser with honey and propolis cleanser.

Don’t forget your eyes – they’re the windows of the soul and if you’ve had a big night they might still be half-‘shuttered’. Go straight for Bees Brilliance Eye Cream, then give yourself an extra boost with our Hydra Firming Shot Moisturiser.

So there you are – a simple, double no-breakout routine that doesn’t give you a mountain to climb. Anyway, hunnies  stick with our Mrs C’s sage advice  There’s every chance that the only round, yellow thing you’ll see in the morning will be the sun… wink wink!

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