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5 Easy & Affordable Ways To Pamper Yourself


Finding the time for self-care isn’t always easy, but it can have a hugely positive effect on stress and anxiety levels. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to check-in and make sure you pamper yourself on the semi-regular.

I personally like to carve some time out for myself on Thursday nights when my family is asleep already but find whenever/whatever works best for you.

Pampering yourself doesn’t have to involve a myriad of expensive skin treatments or hours at a professional spa (although feel free to invite me next time you’re shouting!). Here are some of my favourite, easy and affordable ways to pamper myself; hopefully they inspire a much-deserved break for you:

1. Soak Away Those Troubles

It might seem like an obvious one, but taking a long hot bath (or shower), locking the bathroom door and leaving your phone/laptop outside can do wonders for the mind. Close your eyes, take as long as you like and just breathe. Sometimes all we need is some stillness, a moment to be with ourselves and relax. It’s not a coincidence that some of the ‘happiest’ countries in the world, also have regular saunas and hot-bathing houses.

2. Netflix & Self-Tan

If you can find a time when the remote is all yours and you know you’re not going to be interrupted, have a shower, exfoliate your skin, pop on some self-tanner and queue up the Netflix. I recommend ‘The Good Place’ or ‘FleaBag’ for some light entertainment. For many of us, having a light self-tan in the middle of Winter is a real pick-me-up and sometimes the outside glow can produce an inside one too.

3. A Cup Of Tea & A Face Mask

It’s a basic one, but a steaming cup of herbal tea (my favourites are Oolong or Night Time tea) and a delicious smelling face mask can really reset my mental state. Whatever you do, don’t start browsing your phone or doing work – no matter how busy you are, you can always take 15 minutes to yourself. I might be a wee bit biased, but our selection of Bees Brilliance face masks are the perfect pamper skin companion to a cold night and a lovely cup of tea.

4. Find Your Zen

This one might sound a bit daunting to those of us who’ve watched/read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but never tackled more than the eating ‘copious amounts of pasta’ section. Aside from being scientifically supported to really help stress and anxiety, meditation can be a great way to ‘Treat Yo’ Self’, and it doesn’t have to take ages either. I’d recommend the ‘HeadSpace’ App, where a delightfully charming British man, talks you through short journeys through your mind and towards relaxation. It’s free and definitely worth a go.

5. Scented Candle & Read

We’ve all bought a scented candle, and many of us have been waiting for a ‘special occasion’ to begin burning it. Well, I’m here to ask you; what’s more special than you-time?! Nothing. So get out that candle, find that book you’ve been meaning to start, lie on the couch with your cat and enjoy. Bonus points for sticking the electric blanket on full, heading to bed an hour early and devouring three chapters of the latest Marian Keyes novel!

However you choose to relax, make sure you do make the time to find your perfect pamper moments – they might just keep you sane (and happy!) this Winter.

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