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We are a family owned company that cares about you and your skin, designing and manufacturing natural personal care products that actually work. 


Matthew & Julene Cropp


Our Story

Meet Matthew and Julene, the owners of Cropps NZ and the creators of Bees Brilliance skincare.

Matthew was born with beekeeping in his veins. The fourth generation of Nelson honey makers, he grew up watching his father tend to the family beehives.

Whilst he had a successful career in aviation, a tramping trip to the Hollyford Track in Milford Sounds changed Matthew’s path. It was here he met his wife Julene, who shared Matthew’s passion for nature. It wasn’t long before the beautiful lands of Nelson called them home.

Matthew’s father had developed the world-famous Royal Nectar Bee Venom Mask. Knowing they had something special, Matthew and Julene launched themselves into learning more about honey-based personal care manufacturing.

Living in a remote part of the world has allowed Matthew and Julene to dedicate themselves to gaining an expert knowledge of bees and personal care production. They’ve researched the different compositions of the raw ingredients from the bee hive and created a range that, when combined with New Zealand’s finest natural ingredients, works as effectively as the bees in their hives.

Together, Matthew and Julene founded the personal care manufacturing business in 2014. Today, they present to you the Bees Brilliance skincare range.

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