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Proudly 100% Made In New Zealand

Bees Brilliance products are 100% made here in New Zealand (Nelson to be exact). So to celebrate New Zealand Made Day, we thought we’d share a few of the many advantages to consciously consuming kiwi-made products. We really do appreciate your ongoing support for what we do, make and stand for. Remember: where you spend your hard-earned money does matter. Here are just a few ways buying locally helps;

1. Caring For Our Environment

If you’re concerned with lessening your impact on the planet and combating climate change then purchasing locally can work for you. Some locally produced products and services benefit from lower carbon emissions due to less transport, and less packaging. All the energy that is used to transport products via planes, trains, trucks, and ships contribute to global warming and unhealthy air quality. Purchasing locally reduces that impact.

2. Cruelty-free

Are you worried about whether you’re inadvertently supporting unethical animal conditions with the things that you buy? Whist buying from a New Zealand company doesn’t guarantee a vegan or cruelty-free product, you can be sure of the standards involved. Researching the animal standards in New Zealand is much easier than many other countries. You can find cruelty-free labelled products and understand the conditions in which animals are being kept. Some companies even allow you to visit to see for yourself! Bees Brilliance is very proud to be cruelty-free. Our bees live in our own hives and so we know exactly how well they’re treated. #savethebees

3. Supporting Local Businesses

Buying local reaches beyond better health practices and actually promotes local wealth and jobs. Supporting a kiwi business means supporting all the employees and other contractors who gain employment when a business is doing well. That means more New Zealand families have income and the money earned can go back into the economy which is great for all of us.

4. Faster delivery

As a consumer you will receive your online purchases much faster if you purchase from a New Zealand company than if you buy from overseas. It’s even faster if you buy directly from the source down the road. Bonus fact: we have FREE shipping with orders in New Zealand over $49!

5. Ethical Production

The laws in New Zealand are set-up to protect workers from dangerous working conditions and environments. While the minimum pay may still not be high enough, it’s still not breaking labour laws or extorting children from poor families. Supporting products made in New Zealand made means supporting companies with more ethical treatment of workers.

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