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How To Prepare Your Skin For The Party Season

How To Prepare Your Skin For The Party Season

You might be ready for The Party Season but is your skin? No worries! We’re here to give you our skin party tips and tricks that will keep you glowing and ready for your New Year’s kiss!

1. Hydrate!

Yes, I’m aware that that margarita or pinot noir looks mighty tempting, and I’m here to say “go for it!”. But (yes there’s a but), try to make this your party favour rule: Have one alcoholic drink and then chase it with one glass of water. Believe me, you’ll thank me in the morning but also your skin won’t get as dehydrated either.

2. Don’t Go Changin’

Stick to your solid basics of skincare and don’t add new products in till after the New Year. Why? Because you already know what’s working for your skin and keeping dry skin, pimples, sunspots etc. at bay. If you add something new during the period when you’re wanting to look your best then you’re risking the happy equilibrium. Come New Year, you’ll have loads of new products to experiment with and have fun. This rule works well for Weddings and other big occasions too!

3. Fix that makeup

Did you know that our Beauty Elixir Mist is a toner AND a makeup fixer? Well now you do! It’s gentle on skin, smells divine and it’ll give you that perfect dewy look without your base budging. This is your new best friend during party season. Use it.

4. Prep your skin

Great makeup needs a solid base, and I don’t mean foundation. If your skin is flaking or patchy, it’s near impossible to lay a foundation base over the top. So make sure you’re exfoliating (but not too much), cleansing, toning and moisturising on the regular. I’d even recommend your favourite mask to prep and get down really deep into your skin so that makeup is a breeze. My favourite is the Bees Brilliance Manuka Honey Mask – it’s our absolute staple product for healthy, nourished skin of all skin types.

5. Remove that makeup

I know it’s annoying and tricky to do if you’re still a bit tipsy but write it on your bathroom mirror if you must: REMOVE MAKEUP. Get in there with a face cloth (they’re great for a natural exfoliation) and your dearest cleanser. Not only will you look and feel significantly better in the morning when you see a savvy party survivor in the mirror. Plus you’ll save your pillowcase from becoming an expressionist painting.

All in all, be safe, have fun and look after that skin this party season!

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