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How Taking Up Space Should Be Your Priority

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I was at my Pilates class last week and chatting to one of the other women in my group about finding balance/taking up space. We’re a good 20 years apart in age, from different backgrounds and profoundly different life-stages. Despite this, we were treading the well-worn conversation that millions of women are having with each other. We might as well all be saying:

“Hey have you found your perfect life-balance yet?”

“Nope, not yet! You?”

“Not yet! Fingers crossed the Earth will change its orbit and add an extra day to our week”.

Not that that would help at all – most of us would fill that day up in a heartbeat.

Taking up space in your own life is difficult because everyone wants something from us – generally our time. No matter whether you have young kids, dogs, or a healthy obsession with plants, there will always be something or someone who wants to steal your time.

The only realistic solution? Carve out time in your own life for the things you care about and make you feel good. Here are my favourites that help keep me mostly sane:

1. Make Moves Like Jagger (or Tina Turner)

Repeat after me: “I am scheduling time in my life to move in a way that brings me some joy.” For me, that means a Pilates class, a few times a week (back injuries aside, just turning up for yourself is empowering) and going for a walk with a friend. A ‘walk ‘n’ talk’ (insert your chosen warm beverage here) has been my jam since I obsessively watched E.R each week. This is essentially Grey’s Anatomy for the young ones in the back. It’s seriously refreshing to get out of a building and connect with one of your favourite people. Be like Nike and Do It.

2. Schedule Space

Let’s say you live in your digital calendar like me or go old-school with your diary. When someone wants to make plans with me or a doctor changes my appointment date, I pop it in there. It might seem a bit much but creating space in your life actually means scheduling that time for yourself. Treat your time like you do everyone else’s, it’s a priority.

3. Pamper Thy Self

Take thee to the pedicure place at the mall or if you’re a bit more adventurous check out your local Chinese massage establishment. Hand over your money and let someone else give your feet, back or shoulders some love. If you’re saving the pennies then I’d recommend investing in a high-quality face mask. I’m clearly a little biased but our best selling Manuka Honey Mask is a world of love, all on its own. The really important bit is making the time to look after yourself – it does wonders for mental health too.

Do you have some advice on how you create time in your life for yourself? We’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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