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Health Foods in Skincare – Why Should You Care?

health foods

Let’s be real here, health foods haven’t just begun appearing in skincare. Your Mum or Grandma probably used cucumber slices on their eyelids to reduce puffiness, mixed-up oat masks to soothe eczema and grew aloe-vera plants in their gardens to help relieve sunburn.

Vox recently published a fantastic article about how our beauty aisles are beginning to transform into whole foods stores (read the full article here).

“We now have kombucha toner and oat milk shampoo because of the collision of two major consumer movements: the pervasiveness of wellness culture, and the increasing fear that our beauty products are dangerous. And much like the dietary trends that many of these products are inspired by, there is often not a lot of truth to the claims about what they can do.”

So, should you be taking claims from skincare brands with a grain of salt? Not everyone is in this industry has your best interests at heart. Health food ingredients in your skincare might ultimately boil down to successful marketing fads.

The question is which ingredients are helpful for your skin and do these ingredients even do anything? Let us break it down by using our Bees Brilliance skincare range because we know that what we say is in our products is exactly what’s in our products. We take great pride in researching and sourcing the best quality ingredients.

Here are some of our favourite products and the key ingredients (health foods), that do what they say they’re going to do!

Raspberry & Bee Venom Mask

New Zealand Raspberry Seed Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of New Zealand grown Raspberries. This virgin oil is rich in antioxidants (including ellagic acid) – one NCBI study concluded that ellagic acid helped reduce inflammation and collagen breakdown that causes wrinkles when exposed to UV light. Our favourite “berry beautiful” oil!

Manuka Honey Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating CleanserManuka Honey is collected from our family beehives located in the top of the South Island of New Zealand. This “sweet” health food ingredient was used extensively in beauty treatments throughout history. If it is good enough to keep Cleopatra’s skin soft and sexy, it’s ideal for your skin too.

Walnut: This ingredient caused some controversy in 2016 because it supposedly was damaging to the skin. The facts are all granular exfoliating ingredients help to smooth the surface of the skin by scraping the outer layer of the skin. But this doesn’t mean physical exfoliation is bad for your skin. Instead, we’ve sourced a super fine, Walnut powder and blended with pumice for a natural manual exfoliation. This is still the best way to improve skin circulation.

Skin Brightening Eye Treatment

Kiwifruit Seed Oil is made from the seeds of the fruit, by grinding them and extracting the oil. This super-nutritious oil contains more than 60% Alpha-Linolenic Acid, and lots of important essential fatty acids. A great health food ingredient to add to any moisturising cream to help keep the skin supple and soft.

Beauty Mist

Cucumber while great in summer garden salads, its juice is one of nature’s best superfood for your skin. This cooling and toning ingredient is ideal for helping balance and calm stressed skin. The ultimate skin “pick me up” moisturise mist for any time, or anywhere.

Kitchen beauty may seem like a new trend, but using food as an ingredient in beauty products isn’t that far from what our ancestor used to do. Experimenting with everyday ingredients to find ways to heal their skin concerns. Today with scientific and technological advancements, we’ve discovered more about how our skin works and ultimately how to best take care of it.

More recently, many of us are beginning to demand transparency from brands as to which ingredients are in our health foods skincare products. As a conscious consumer, it just makes good sense. Your skin is an integral part of your body. Please take the time to research what you’re putting on it every day.

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