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Have You Found Your Skincare Tidying Joy Yet?


Some people find their skincare tidying joy a breeze and have a bathroom that could be in the pages of the latest Resene magazine. And others (like me) are lucky if the toilet brush has been utilised this week.

Finding your bathroom ‘joy’ aka Marie Kondo is a process for most of us, that involves taking small steps towards the peaceful sanctuary of our dreams and setting our expectations at ‘maybe eating less cheesy-snacks’ level. If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her famous/infamous “spark joy” catch-phrase, I highly recommend watching her series on Netflix or purchasing her book. It’s a beautifully moving and powerful version of those speed-cleaning YouTube videos we all secretly binge-watch. It also makes you realise that the things we surround ourselves with might not be currently given the thoughtfulness they deserve.

Marie essentially sets up the art of tidying without losing your mind in manageable stages. She believes it’s important to respect your belongings and thank them for their part in your life before letting them go. The ‘spark joy’ is more to do with objects that you find harder to let go of. This allows you to hone your intuition and to let items go that no longer have use or ‘spark joy’ in your life.

So how do you tackle tidying and organising your skincare? Here are my steps for surviving this daunting task without the use of red wine and a nap (although in moderation those are pretty fun too!).

Step 1: Walk into your bathroom with achievable tidying expectations.

This means that prioritising less clutter, more utilisation and a cleaner space are your top goals. The big renovations, the new floor and the deep-clean of that weird coloured mould you’ve been ‘ignoring’ is for another time.

Step 2: Take every single item, every bottle, every toothbrush and pop it on a clean towel on the ground.

If you have a small bathroom like me, you might need to pop it all in the bath or in the hallway. What’s important is that you make a pile that has to be finished, that can’t be left half-done and is in your way.

Step 3: Sit on the ground, put on your favourite music and pick up each item.

Take a moment to check expiry dates, when you last used the item (I’d say if you haven’t used it in 3 months you won’t need it) etc. If you decide to let the item go, thank it for being in your life and shift it to the ‘re-gift’ or ‘bin’ pile/bag.

Veteran Tip: You know your skincare routine and the make-up you actually use – ultimately you know yourself. Don’t let that little part of your brain try and keep the stuff you know you have no room for in your life anymore.

Step 4: Do a clean of the empty bathroom.

It doesn’t have to be an intensive exercise you wished you’d skipped your Pilates class to do. Just make sure you’re popping your belongings back into a clean and clear space.

Step 6: Organise/tidying those little buggers.

If you have fancy organising draws or want to splurge on them because they make you excited about this step – you do you! This is the fun part for me. I love figuring out which items I use the most, where to put them and where the uglier items can be popped away.

Make it functional first because otherwise, you’ll never be able to keep up day-to-day and then make it a bit pretty.

Head to Kmart and buy a scented candle if that floats your boat, just make sure you take the time to enjoy it.

Step 7: Make a list of items you might need to thoughtfully replace (that 2-year-old mascara anyone?).

Feel free to replace your almost empty, much-loved Bees Brilliance mask or cleanser (did you know we have AfterPay options online now?). Treat-yo-self to the things and products that bring you joy, self-care and healthier skin.

Step 8: Have a bath, read a book on the loo or just take a good look around your bathroom.

Take time to enjoy what you’ve done and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for getting it done. Bathrooms can be one of the hardest rooms to tackle in my experience and seem to pile up with unused products the quickest.

Let me know your biggest pet-peeve when it comes to tidying your bathroom below. Mine is definitely the gross water in the bottom of the toothbrush holder! Ew! 

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