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Declutter Your Skincare Cabinet.

Declutter your skincare cabinet.

Second month into 2018 and the diet is going hapuk! All those sugar laden mid-afternoon snacks, have crept back. This month we’re embarking on new diet. The #skincarediet.

The skincare diet, is a diet where you declutter the skincare cabinet and remove all the unnecessary steps, keeping it simple.

Here’s some tips and tricks to help declutter your bathroom:

Step 1: Clean out the cabinet(s)

Remove all the individual products and put them somewhere safe on the floor. Clean the cabinet and start afresh!

Step 2: Declutter the products (in three stages).

If its expired or about to expire soon, these products are the first to go.

Next, ask yourself “how often do I use this product? Is the product right for my skin? Do I really like the product?”. Be honest with yourself here, if you haven’t used it much, its probably very likely you won’t in the future.

Finally, how much product is left? If it is almost gone, think about repurchasing or putting into a smaller container.

Step 3: Storage and display.

With the hardest part over, now is time to find a proper home for each of your products. Separate the daily and weekly use items. Try organising them into clusters by how you use them, so your routine is simplified. A good simple four step routine is the Bee Brilliance four step: Cleanse, Treat, Moisturise & Mask.

Step 4: Clean the products.

Good looking products are more appealing to use when you are tired and looking for a quick pick me up.


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