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Cruelty-Free: Why Should You Care About It?

Cruelty-free is an animal rights movement that has picked up speed as customers become more ‘woke’. But do you really know what cruelty-free even means? We’re well into the digital age. Ignorance of how your skincare is manufactured and those who may be harmed in the process has no excuses. This goes for natural ingredients, sustainable practices and other environmental factors but should also extend to ethics.

In the animal rights movement, the cruelty-free label indicates products or activities that do not harm or kill animals. Every year by purchasing these products, we are putting animals through painful tests. This causes the unnecessary death and suffering of millions of innocent animals every year.

Here are a few reasons you might want to think about checking those labels and/or switching to known cruelty-free brands (like us!);

Vegan doesn’t necessarily equate Cruelty-Free


Labelling something as vegan means that it doesn’t include any animal by-products (gelatine, fat, etc.) but it doesn’t mean that the product hasn’t been tested on animals. Only the term cruelty-free or ‘not tested on animals’ claims that so be careful you’re supporting brands that you agree with. Your money/buying power has more sway than you think – just think back ten years and how few companies did ‘free range’ eggs? Paraphrasing the great Queen Bee herself (Beyonce); Who rule the world? Customers!! 😉

Cruelty-free products are on average less toxic

The bonus to us is that on average, cruelty-free products have much higher levels of safety than those that aren’t. What does this mean? Most companies will use ingredients already known to be safe to use on the skin meaning that there is less need to include harsher substitutes.

Rats deserve cruelty-free too

There’s little sympathy for rats as they’ve been personified into evil, disease carriers over the years. But we’re not just talking about them (despite rats being misunderstood and super clever little creatures). These companies test on rabbits, mice, cats, dogs, guinea-pigs and even monkeys before we see our products on the shelf. If you have a pet then I’m sure you think they’re part of your family. So why should we think of other animals as expendable when they don’t have to be?

We don’t have to do it – so why do it?

Cruelty-free has become pretty commonplace in the cosmetics and skin care industries. It is something many of us have come to expect from our products. Next time you go to buy that cleanser, have a look at the label. If it doesn’t state it on the label then animals have probably been harmed in the making of it. We don’t have to do it so let’s stop supporting brands who do.

Bees Brilliance is proud to be cruelty-free and we treat our bees with the love and respect they deserve. Find out more about our ingredients here.

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