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Under The Skin with Meagan Kerr

Meagan Kerr

We had the pleasure of interviewing Meagan Kerr; a deeply fabulous, Kiwi plus size fashion blogger about her skincare thoughts and self-love routines. 

How has your skincare routine changed over the years? 

 I used to try loads of different products, whenever something new came out, I was keen to give it a go. That meant that my skin was constantly in a state of trying to adjust and it wasn’t great. These days I stick with my tried and true, and only change things up when I get a facial and my therapist mentions that a certain thing might be beneficial to me.

I’ve become more consistent with my skincare routine. In my 20’s I did a lot of “just wipe it off with a makeup wipe” before falling into bed, but now I have an actual routine and am very strict about using SPF every morning.  

Have you had any surgical skin treatments? 

No, but I am currently getting laser hair removal on my top lip and chin.

I know I look a bit younger than I actually am – I regularly get people thinking I’m 22 or 23 – and a few people have suggested that I have had things done in the past, but it’s honestly down to genetics (and quitting smoking + drinking!).  

What do you think about Botox and fillers? 

They’re not something that I’ve personally looked into, but I’m certainly not opposed to other people getting them if that’s what they want to do.  

Which products are your daily go-to’s? 

A moisturiser with an SPF is non-negotiable for me, all year round! And of course doing a double cleanse in the evening to make sure that it is removed, first using an oil-based cleanser and then my gel cleanser.  

Which skincare routines do you do every day and night? 

In the morning I use a gel cleanser (and an exfoliant if I’m in the shower), toner, a serum and a moisturiser with SPF. I also apply a lash serum in the morning.

In the evening I am not so rushed so I take more time with my skincare routine. I double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and any other pollutants from my skin, followed by my gel cleanser. If I’m wearing mascara, I’ll use a micellar lash wash to remove that.

Some days I’ll stick with a serum and then a night moisturiser, but a couple of days a week I try to remember to use a face mask, which changes depending on what my skin needs.


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Any final words of skincare wisdom? 

Drink plenty of water and use an SPF!  

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