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Beauty Secrets For Mothers

Beauty Secrets For Mothers

If there’s one thing mothers are short on, it’s time. After-school events, birthday parties, being the children’s shuttle service and still trying to tick off the tasks on your own to-do list. As a result it is no secret mothers are some of the busiest people around.

Don’t let your hectic schedule stop you from taking proper care of your skin. I have some simple, time-saving beauty secrets for you to incorporate into your daily routine.


Beauty Secrets #1

My first beauty secrets advice is have a spring clean and throw out all those products you don’t use regularly.

In my beauty cupboard the essentials include Bees Brilliance Foaming Cleanser, Instant Hydra Firming Shot and of course sunscreen.

I also love our Bees Brilliance Original Manuka Honey Mask, and love to apply it after cleansing every morning while I eat breakfast. A lovely little boost of hydration for my skin before I start the work day.

Keep your routine simple and stress-free.

Beauty Secrets #2

Cleanse. Yes, it is as important to cleanse your face morning and night as it is to clean your teeth. If there is one thing you have time for, it is to cleanse morning and night time.

An easy-to-use every day cleanser is our Bees Brilliance Manuka Honey Foaming Cleanser

Beauty Secrets #3

Products which are multi-functional are your best friend. Examples of multi-functional products are BB creams or our recently launched Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot : A lightweight instant firming moisturising cream.

This is my ultimate lazy routine product. This multi-functional product is a kiwi innovation – be sure to check it out for yourself!

Julene Cropp



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