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Are Skincare Supplements Just Another Expensive Fad?

It’s 2019 and celebrities are running around on Instagram with skincare supplements (#milliondollarads). Hair, multi-vitamin and skincare supplements have gained some popularity in the last few years. But do we need to purchase nutrients that we have easy access to in our everyday diets? Or are we just peeing money down the drain?

The specialists say…

Science supports that certain vitamins are necessary for skin and overall body health. You certainly will have heard of topical Vitamin C treatments to brighten your complexion. But would an oral Vitamin C treatment be noticeably beneficial to your skin?

“There’s no real evidence that shows a multivitamin or a beauty supplement plays a role in your skin’s health when you’re an otherwise healthy person with no vitamin deficiencies,” says Dr. Gohara, adding that unless you’ve been tested for a deficiency, “they probably won’t do much for you.” – Source

Your skin is quite the sponge, it absorbs in all sorts of ways;

  • topically via creams etc.
  • orally via food and water
  • and environmentally via the air, pollution and other free-radicals.

Dermatologist Rebecca Tung, M.D., says;

“You may absorb things great in your 20s, but not as well in your 30s, which is why supplements can actually be really helpful at filling in the ‘gaps’ of your diet,” “Vitamins, at a basic level, help regulate the immune system, which helps minimise inflammatory conditions, like acne, rosacea, and dermatitises. So it’s possible that some of these supplements can improve your skin if you have low vitamin levels.”. – Source

So should you use skincare supplements?

The science puts us on the fence here, and that’s not a particularly bad place to be. Too often we’re told that these things are simple because we feel more comfortable having a definitive answer. However, skincare comes down to complicated biology. It’s complicated because every one of us is so uniquely different. What may work for calming my rosacea, may clog your pores and inflame your acne so badly you don’t want to leave the house.

Skincare, along with body-care is supremely subjective and changes as we age and our environments change. See our upcoming interview series on things our Mother’s never told us! Seasonal skin and hormone changes are real ladies!).

Our final words of wisdom…

Our real-world advice on skincare supplements? Go to your doctor and ask for a general blood test to check for any obvious deficiencies if you’re concerned. If your skin is playing up, look into scaling back your skincare regime. Make sure your products aren’t inflaming any issues you might already have a sensitivity to. And always opt to choose brands that prioritise naturally derived ingredients (Bees Brilliance anyone? ;).

For trickier skin conditions, don’t use the Internet, go get a referral to a Dermatologist. They spend years of their lives learning about our skin so we don’t have to. And don’t forget to write an embarrassingly long list of questions to get all your money’s worth!

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