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8 Travel Beauty Tips

8 Travel Beauty Tips

Travel and on long haul flights can leave us looking drained and anything but gorgeous.

How do those immaculate cabin crew manage to stay flawless? While you are tired, with sore eyes, a dry throat and desperately in need of a toothbrush!
Here are some of our favourite in-flight travel beauty tips to ensure you arrive at your destination feeling well rested, hydrated, flawless and ready to hit the ground running!

1. Drink a tonne of water before, during and after the flight! It is very dry up there, and it is important to keep hydrated.

2. Try and keep your hair out of your face. Tie your hair, ideally in a high bun or braids. A ponytail can get uncomfortable when leaning against the head rest.

3. Carry a hair brush or comb with you and use it before landing to tidy up before walking off the plane.

4. Breathing dry air conditioning on the flight isn’t fun. Carry a propolis throat spray, to keep the throat moist. Its antimicrobial properties help prevent any air-borne viruses developing into sore throats.

5. Don’t leave without dry shampoo. It is your best friend!

6. Carry an antibacterial gel cleanser, or alcohol free makeup wipes. Be sure to clean your face before you sleep to prevent breakouts. We recommend our mini Manuka Honey Foaming Cleanser formulated with New Zealand Manuka Honey that is well reported for its antibacterial properties. Plus, it smells amazing too!

7. Treat as you travel – Your new multi-tasking companion is Bees Brilliance Instant Hydra Firming Shot. Not only will it protect your skin from city pollution but this cooling gel cream instantly hydrates, firms and plumps the skin.

8. Rest, rest, rest – watch the rejuvenation occur as you get a good night’s sleep.

Julene Cropp

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