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5 Boosts You Need To Conquer Dry Skin

dry skin

I’m sure you’re aware that we’re all getting older ? Perhaps you’ve noticed some dry skin? Our skin goes through significant changes across our lifespan. As women, our hormones can play havoc on our skin, and we need to adapt our skincare to those changes.

Facial movement lines become more visible after the skin starts losing its elasticity (usually as people reach their 30s and 40s, younger if you’re a smoker). Drier skin is something that contributes to the appearance of these inevitable age symbols, and we have the power to do something about that. Your skin becomes drier as you age, the loss of oil glands that kept you frustrated with constant sheen and pimples means itchy and dry skin now.

Approximately 85% of us develop the dreaded ‘winter itch’ because our overheated indoor air is too dry. Anything that further dries the skin (such as overuse of soaps or hot baths) will make the problem worse. It’s crucial to rethink your skincare regularly as you and your skin age. If your skin is dehydrated and itchy, see a doctor for medical assistance.

Here are some of our favourite hacks for dry skin:

Skin Mask

If used twice weekly, masks can give your skin that much-needed moisture infusion. Our favourite at the moment is our Raspberry & Bee Venom Mask, specially formulated to aid the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles naturally. Formulated with Nelson (New Zealand) Raspberries and Bee Venom (cruelty-free), a natural peptide complex to help stimulate the skin.


Water that Dry Skin!!!

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily are the best and cheapest home remedy for dry skin. After all our skin is our largest organ, it needs to be moisturised inside and out. In terms of showering, try to limit the heat of the water. If it’s running too hot, it can strip your skin from your essential natural sebum oils. Lukewarm is ideal for reducing flaky, dry skin patches.

Change your Skincare Routine with the Seasons

Depending on where you live, how harsh and dry the Winter air is will have a noticeable effect on your skin health. Make sure that you switch your lightweight moisturiser to a more heavy-duty support system. Identifying and adapting to the changes in climate will help you and your skin face the world head-on. Check out our Skin Brightening Moisturising Cream or our Skin Brightening Overnight Mask for some extra dry skin love.

Run Lady Run! (or walk)

A daily exercise routine improves skin elasticity and boosts the moisture delivery to your face, which helps in alleviating the ill-effects of dry skin. Not only is it fantastic for the skin, but it can help fight against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is depression that runs with the change of the seasons. If you’re affected by SAD or depression, please see your GP ASAP. An excellent doctor can help come up with a comprehensive plan to reduce your symptoms actively. There are some helpful articles here.


Don’t Over-Scrub Dry Skin

Flakiness is awful. Your makeup won’t stay in place, you desperately want to pick it off, but it just makes things worse. You might think that exfoliating every day is the way to combat it, but actually, you’re just going to dry out your skin even more. Eeek! Exfoliating is an excellent tool in your dry skin combat plan but limit it to 2-3 times a week and make sure it’s an ultra-sensitive product. Of course, our Manuka Honey Exfoliating Cleanser is our top pick. An ultra-gentle natural micro-fine exfoliating treatment which delicately polishes away dry skin and creates a smoother skin texture.


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